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renderingAround 35 per cent of energy used to heat British homes is lost through solid wall properties. With the rapid depletion of the worlds energy sources high profile environmental issues such as climate change, are beginning to take precedence over asethic preferences and stringent legislation that thermal performance of any building is strictly governed.

External insulation of solid walls has the benefit of keep the structure warm. The thermal mass of the masonry external walls helps to keep structures stable – strong heat in the winter and reducing solar strains in the summer months.

EWI is also a good way to overcome awkward substrates.


Advantages Of Wall Insulation 

  • Reduce Energy Bills– Installing cavity wall insulation and loft insulation are considered among some of the most effective energy efficient measures available to today’s homeowners.
  • Reduce Condensation –  Cavity wall insulation reduces condensation as the interior wall is warmer than that of an un-insulated cavity wall. One thing to note is that you must not block permanent vents when installing cavity wall insulation.
  • Increase The Value Of Your Home  –  Having cavity wall insulation professionally installed will immediately impact the value of your home. It’s a good choice of home improvement.
  • Preserve The Environment –  Another benefit of cavity wall insulation is that it will cut down your carbon emissions. According to the EST, installing cavity wall insulation can save 560kg of CO2 per year.

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